Kurhaus Heiligendamm

The " White city at the Sea" , how holy dam is called due to its white klassizistischen houses, is with the car in only five minutes to reach. The way leads past the oldest racecourse of Europe, on which the running enterprise was resumed after multiyear break. In holy dam attracts the broad white sand beach, in particular at the Cliff, since 1793 bathers and walker at all seasons.

Schloss Hohenzollern          

If the sun glows, one can bathe also in the other bathing resorts in the proximity - cooling fount in the west, Börgerende and Nienhagen in the northeast - and go swimming. All this only and so also with the bicycle well to reach, Kühlungsborn removes few kilometers besides also with the Molli. If you play gulf, tennis, Squash or cones liked, then you can unfold your sporty activities in approx. 8 km distance in new plants.


Leuchtturm an der Ostsee

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